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  • the teletransporter

    the teletransporter

    Imagine you want to go to Australia. Instead of paying hundreds of euros for a flight and having to spend an entire day on a plane, you could instead use a new prototype machine which has just been invented – the teletransporter.

    The teletransporter looks like a phone box. There is a control panel inside where you enter your desired destination and swipe your credit card. The door closes and the machine starts working. The way it works is as follows:

    Firstly, an extremely detailed scan is taken of your body, recording the positions of every single atom in your entire body – an atom of carbon at position 295874976, directly above an atom of oxygen at position 295874975, and so on. Every single atom in your body is perfectly recorded digitally.

    Next, this very large file is transmitted via fibre-optic cable to the second teletransporter in Australia. This machine has reserves of every single element in different tanks, kind of like how a printer has reservoirs containing different coloured inks. The machine then reconstructs a perfect copy of you down to the last atom – it places a carbon atom at position 295874976 directly above an atom of oxygen at position 295874975 etc. – until a copy of your entire body is created.

    Once the second machine has successfully created the copy (the whole process takes just a few seconds) a signal is sent back to the first machine confirming that the copy has successfully been created in Australia, and the original is vaporised. The atoms of your body are then separated by element and stored in the reserve tanks of the first teletransporter.

    In Australia, the copy steps out of the machine and feels the warm Australian sun. It has the clothes you were wearing when you stepped into the machine, as well as the phone in your pocket, and even the same thoughts, fears, desires, memories and fingerprints. To an outside observer, it is completely indistinguishable from the original you. The copy picks up the phone and calls your best friend, letting them know that you have successfully arrived in Australia. Your bank account is charged €5, and an email arrives in your inbox thanking you for using the service.

    Would you use this machine to get to Australia, or would you prefer to fly?

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