• about

    Hello. My name’s Rich. I’m a photographer, translator, writer, bike rider and adventurer.

    I graduated in German and Linguistics from the University of York.

    I use this site as a place to share my photos, writing and projects.

    I mostly just wanted to have one of those pretentious minimalist websites like all the designers and programmers have.

    It’s like, “Hey look at me! I’m so fancy with my minimalist website. I’m a San Francisco / New York / London / L.A. / Berlin-based start-up blogger and Fairtrade coffee sniffer.”

    But… It’s not 1995 anymore; having a website is dead easy. I can make you one too if you want. Just drop me a message.

    The template used on this site is called “Oaknut” and was created by Anders Noren. You should check him out. He makes really cool free WordPress templates.

    If you want to contact me with a project, idea, question or insult, the best way is to send me a message on Instagram.