• concrete & cellulose

    concrete & cellulose

    A photography project from 2015.

    Concrete and cellulose describes nature’s confrontation with a man-made environment. An environment for which nature has no plan. It is a plant pressing against glass. It is a tendril grasping at steel. It is a tree growing from a crevice in a wall. A root cracking a paving slab.

    After millions of years, mankind is nature’s first true opponent. We manipulate physics and chemistry, enslaving its laws to effect our own will. Steel, glass and concrete collide to trounce nature, shaping our ideal urban environment. Maximising space and silencing the natural order.

    Plants are too unpredictable for our perfect world. We suffocate all traces of unwanted verdure, layers of black tarmac and grids of concrete slabs entombing them below. But biology knows no enemy. It does not discriminate. Whilst mankind must consider its every move, agonising over each action, biology continues unfalteringly. Simple rules resulting in complexity. A primordial pattern, unconscious and automatic, repeating the same abstraction in endless instantiations.

    Nanometre by nanometre, second by second, it creeps onward. It is relenting. Blind. It has no plan for glass and concrete. But it does not need one. Glass cracks and concrete crumbles, but verdure is immutable. Mankind will waver. Cellulose will always triumph over concrete.